An Effective Tool For Processing Emotions


Being able to bring closure to relationships that have ended is important to being able to move on in life. Without it you can get stuck, find yourself living with regrets, or just plain ticked at them for leaving you hanging emotionally; especially if someone dies, or you’re not given the chance to say goodbye.

An extremely effective tool is what I call “therapeutic puking.” This is where you journal your emotions on a scrap piece of paper. You say what you want to say, however you want to say it. No one gets hurt because it’s just you and the paper.

Just like when you throw up you don’t pick and choose what comes up, you do the same emotionally. Give yourself permission to get it out because if you don’t, by stuffing it, you will eventually either hurt yourself and/or someone else.

You might have to do it a few times before the issue totally settles down but know that just like puking physically, eventually it will stop. The key is to get honest with your feelings and to let it out in a healthy way.

One last detail: right after you’ve finished puking, destroy what you’ve written. It’s important that you feel safe, knowing no one will ever know about the garbage that just came out.

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