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6 Steps to Decreasing Overwhelm

emotional mastery hope journey to health pain transition Apr 06, 2023

Feelings of overwhelm are your body's creative way to let you know that you have too much on the go; (sometimes by choice and sometimes circumstantial).

No matter what the cause, the solution to bringing them down is to let go of responsibilities to the point where you can feel sane and not feel overwhelmed anymore. 

A solution may be as simple as not leaving the dishes to pile up on the counter. Purpose to wash them right away or if they are already something you are avoiding, just wash ONE item and then walk away. By doing this your brain will begin to work for you and not against you. Then when you're emotionally able to do one more item, do it again. Bit by bit that pile will come down. Or if you just can't do even one of them, invite a friend to come in and help you. (One that will only be helpful and say kind things).

Another choice you can make is to step away from groups and activities where there is some kind of expectation for you to give, whether big or small. Giving has many different faces and it can be practical in nature or even verbal information. When you are in a state of being overwhelmed it is important to receive as much as possible and minimize the giving.

Thirdly, let others take some things off of your plate so you have less responsibility for this moment in time. This isn't a negative reflection on you. We all have moments in our lives that are like that. What is important is that you let pride go along with some of the things others can do instead.

Fourth, try and put some fun in your life. All work and no play is not healthy and will contribute to your stress levels.

Fifth, take time to nurture your spirit, soul and body. What do I mean by that? Some different examples are: Listen to music that lifts you up, sit with your face in the sun in absolute silence with a hot cup of coffee or tea and listen to the birds chirp, or how about going and getting a massage?

Nurturing yourself is focusing on things that are just for you that can re-energize and help you to re-focus bringing balance back into your life.

And my last suggestion is to go find a listening ear or a loving arm to give you a hug. God designed us to be in community, so look for those around you who are safe and can give to you, not take from you.

As you make one or more of these suggestions your common practice, your sense of being overwhelmed will begin to decrease and life will become more enjoyable again.

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