3 Women Journey


Three women started out on a journey together. Life had been hard and had dealt them all a death blow; having all lost spouses. This commonality was not enough to keep them on the pathway of life together.

When given an invitation to turn back to the familiar, the first turned back and was never heard from again. Two continued on, the younger refusing to leave, partnering instead with the older generation. Because of this, they became a formidable duo gathering the respect of others around them.

The younger women decided to utilize her entrepreneurial skills, while the older imparted her wisdom. It was this honoring of one another's gifting and partnering that created a hope and a future for both. Individually their future would have been bleak.

Trust, obedience, respect of boundaries opened up more than they could ever imagine or ask for. This lack of selfishness and working towards the benefit of one another benefited not only themselves but others as well; and the rest is history.

If you are ready to partner with the wisdom of one who is of an older generation, let’s connect. It is the season for the generations to work together, so the years of this coaches wisdom can help catapult you, the entrepreneurial, into the fullness of your God given destiny.

Connect via www.dorothyjcook.com/contact and together let take things farther and faster than you ever could on your own.



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