1 Quick Easy Exercise to Remove Mental Blocks to Success


If you have a mental block re a business or a personal goal, an easy and extremely effective technique to breaking through with is to start with your imagination and give God permission to change the picture. This means that after the initial image that you get to choose, God is in control of the rest. Know that because the end result is something you would have never imagined, it can immediately catapult you into a new level of believing in yourself; and in God.

An example of this was where I worked with a very gifted athlete. Mentally however they doubted their ability. We repeated the above exercise consecutively about seven times, discussing what they saw each time before moving on to the next picture. Each new picture started where the last one ended. By the time we were finished, they were super excited because they had overcome all the obstacles in their mind. This little exercise did more for them in the few minutes it took, than all the previous years of sports psychology.

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