Who else wants to lose their debilitating stress headaches, anxiety and panic attacks FOR GOOD?

Lose Reactive Triggers,
Make BETTER Choices
✓ Take Charge of Your Life...

... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?


What If There Was a Way for You to:

Lose That Stubborn Weight,
Get Over Those Mood Swings
& Take Charge of Your Life...
... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

Hi, I'm Dorothy, and like you, I know what it's like to feel stressed and live with chronic health issues, wishing you could flip a switch and go back to how you were before. You don't need to feel helpless.  Here's what I want for you... ...


Don't let your stress levels control your choices, let your choices control your stress levels.

Would you like to:

➔ Become less reactive?
➔ Regain control?
➔ And FINALLY END THE WAR with your health issues?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. You see I ignored my stress levels, lost my health over it, and had to learn healthier ways to live life. Since then, I've dedicated my career to....helping women just like you to regain their health and happiness by learning three things: 1. how to listen to their body talk 2. change the way their brain handles stress 3. figure out who they really are so they can live happier lives.

But how can you achieve that peace of mind and your health back, when nothing's worked for you in the past?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy and step by step by guidance you'll get every step of the way, you'll see results! This program is unlike anything you've tried before.

Unique to you is your body

No one else has your body and it likes to talk to you, but are your listening?

Diminish stress eating

We've all done it, eating comfort food, but would you rather make healthier choices?

Transform your identity

How would you like to get to know this wonderful person that already lives inside of you?

Quick results for breath control

Would you like to learn to get your breath back and drop the anxious take aways?

100% Natural, & no pharmaceuticals

How would you like to get your health and sanity back without the use of drugs?

No more guess work

How would you like to learn how to deal with stressors so your physical health can be restored?

Want to know why most of the stress/anxiety training you've probably already tried DIDN'T work?

Regular training doesn't work because:

➔ They don't teach you to understand how your body talks to you

➔ The years of ingrained brain pathways are ignored, and so old patterns continue

➔ They work with external elements and not with the internal drivers

➔ The impact of stress on your Identity are skipped over and wrong response keep happening

This program gets amazing results because:

➔ The #1 priority is giving you understanding about how your body talks to you

➔ Changing the pathways in your brain is the key to permanent solutions

➔ Understanding and changing stress reactions is critical to a healthier you, both emotionally and physically

➔ Letting go of learned behavior allows for true transformation to take place

And what about the 3 common myths that
will keep you from getting both your health and your peace of mind back.

You have to use medication to feel calm

There are many things that you can do to live anxiety free, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

If you simply ignore the stress, it will go away.

The truth is, nothing is forgotten. It just gets buried, resurfacing when triggered. 

There's one simple solution for everyone

Everyone is wired differently. Our upbringings are totally unique, and so must the solutions be.

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • Your body starts to get healthier allowing you to live life in a way that you haven't for years.
  • Your energy levels increase as a result of no longer fighting extreme fatigue.
  • You enjoy deeper rest with quality sleep, waking up refreshed, and looking forward to your day.
  • You quickly and naturally handle stress differently, so you no longer have anxiety or panic attacks.
  • You're confidence and self-esteem soar as a result of putting Dorothy's 8-week training into place.

What would it be worth to you, to feel like a million dollars?

Here's what it's meant to others...

Carolyn MacDonald

Dorothy helped me to decrease my anxiety very quickly so my heart stopped racing and I could breathe easier. Thank you!

Yvonne Green

I have worked with Dorothy, and the results I have gotten are amazing. She does work that sets you up for your next levels of success. I highly recommend her.

Norma Lougheed

My life has been changed forever because of the impact Dorothy has had on it

Cheryl Archambault

Dorothy was there during a difficult time in my life. Her ability to get me on the right track was invaluable. 

By the end of the 8-week course "Turn Fear Into Freedom" you'll be:

  • Able to overcome anxiety patterns.
  • Build confidence and improve coping strategies.
  • Confront fears and regain control over daily stressors.
  • Experience increased calm and clarity.
  • Address physical and emotional stress.

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: Body-Mind Connection Exploration

Delve into the intricate connetion between body and mind, understand how thoughts impact the body, and cultivate awareness of somatic signals.

Module 2: Body Talk Communication Skills

Learn to decipher the body's language through sensations and symptoms, practice active listening to body cues, and foster open dialogue with your body.

Module 3: Neurological Insights: Limbic Brain Activation

Explore the functions of the limbic brain, decode emotional responses, and develop strategies to regulate emotional reactions for enhanced well-being.

Module 4: Rewiring Limbic Patterns

Map out habitual emotional patterns, rewire neural pathways associated with fear and stress, and cultivate new responses for emotional balance.

Module 5: Unpacking the Past Influence on Brain Patterns

Explore how personal history and innate disposition shape neural pathways, understanding how past experiences influence the brain's default to familiar patterns, and strategies to rewire ingrained behaviors.

Module 6: Unveiling False Identities and their interplay with Anxiety

Identify and examine layers of false identities, understand their origins, and begin the process of unraveling and releasing these limiting self-concepts and emotional triggers.

Module 7: Self-Compassion and Identity

Cultivate self-compassion as a tool for self-discovery, challenge self-judgment tied to false identities and triggers, and nurture a compassionate relationship with yourself.

Module 8: Integration and Authenticity

Integrate body-mind-limbic learnings, embrace authenticity by letting go of what does not serve you well, aligning with your true self, and celebrate the journey towards fully living life. 

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to ensure you receive additional resources to maximize your learning experience and success.

Bonus 1

A PDF copy of Dorothy's International Best Seller "Grow Your Authority: Lead with Confidence" plus Workbook. Through practical, real-life examples, Dorothy shares how her coaching has helped others learn to lead from a place of true inner confidence.

Bonus 2

Within 3 days gain the needed tools with this online "Stress Buster" 3 Module Course. It gives simple, but effective tools, that allow you to decrease the impact of stress on your body in just 60 seconds or less. They are easy to apply, allowing you to enjoy life more.


Starts 10:30 EST Wednesday August 14, 2024.

Here's what's included in the 8-week group course:

With this program you'll get:

1. Weekly group sessions that will help you to experience meaningful connections to enrich your learning journey, allowing for a deeper connection with others through shared insights, peer support, and personal growth. The group environment will foster a sense of empowerment, accountability, and belonging. (Value $4K)

2. The availability of 24/7 email and text support throughout the 8-week course promotes a seamless learning experience, effective communication, and personalized feedback that ensures your journey towards growth, understanding, and transformation is supported and enriched every step of the way. ($999)

3. Join a live webinar where a special guest will share their insights and answer your questions. Gain deep knowledge and clear any doubts you have about your health journey. (Value $999)

4. Enjoy VIP access to monthly Q&A sessions. This is where you can clarify your doubts and get direct answers from the coach. (Value $300)

5.  Five short videos from the Rock Star Challenge plus the transcript for each (Value $200)

6. BONUS! Stress Buster Mini Course (Value $79)

7. BONUS! PDF International Best Seller "Grow Your Authority: Lead with Confidence eBook + Workbook (Value $50)

  Total Value = ($6,627)  


PAY IN FULL AND GET ONE FREE PERSONALIZED COACHING SESSION where we dive deep and provide tailored strategies to conquer stress. Step into a space where your thoughts, feelings, and experiences are valued, respected and fully attended to. 

(Value $999)





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